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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winterizing your home is a crucial step to ensure that you stay comfortable and are protecting your home from damage during cold, icy months. Here are some areas to look at in your home to see if you need repairs so that you can stay cozy this winter.

Check for Drafts

Checking for drafts around your windows and doors is important for energy efficiency and overall comfort in your home. You can check for drafts by choosing a windy day and putting your hand or a piece of tissue by the seals around windows and doors to ensure no wind is coming in. If there are any gaps you can use caulking or weather stripping to seal them up.

Assess the Roof

It’s also important to visually check your roof for places where shingles are bending, cracking or just completely missing. If there are only a few places that need repairs, it can be inexpensive and it does not require a lot of time. Any loose screws or rusted panels should also be checked to ensure that there is no room for leaks, especially when there is a build-up of snow and it begins to melt.

Protect the Deck

The long winter season can do some damage to your deck including mould, mildew, stains and rotting. Make sure that you follow these steps to protect the beautiful extension of your home:

  • Inspect your deck for signs of damage including cracks and chips

  • Trim overhanging branches

  • Clear off the deck from leaves and other debris

  • Wash the deck with a pressure washer or just with some soap and water

  • Test the sealant by spraying water on the deck. If the water beads up, the sealant is good

  • Use sealant on any areas where the deck is grey. Make sure you buy the right finish for your deck when looking for sealant

Clean Your Chimney

Having your chimney inspected and cleaned is a very important step in winterizing your home. This inspection will tell you if there is any buildup through the offseasons and it will test your chimney for a tight seal when it’s closed.

Test Your Heating System

It is important to change your furnace filter at least every three months. Call an HVAC professional to do this and inspect the furnace to ensure everything is running smoothly and keeping you warm during the bitterness of winter. During the inspection, they will clean the furnace and change the filter. With this, you can also have your ducts cleaned which will increase efficiency so your furnace doesn’t have to run so hard. This will deliver heat more easily in the winter months.

Check Smoke Detectors

Winter is the top season for fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure you devote some time to testing the alarms on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so that you can enjoy your home safely this winter. This doesn’t cost anything and can be as simple as a quick battery switch. But if your smoke detector is turning yellow, it chirps often or randomly, and doesn’t respond when you test it, then you may need a new one altogether.

Insulate the Attic

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you top up the insulation in your attic. This can effectively protect your home from extreme temperatures by preventing moisture to collect and damage your walls. Especially on very cold winter days, all the cold air collecting in your attic can seep into your home so this is why proper insulation is important. Though this can be somewhat costly, depending on how much insulation is required, you’ll be glad you did it when you are sipping hot chocolate in a blizzard outside.

Are you looking to enter the market this winter? Give us a call today! We are more than happy to help you along your exciting home-buying journey!


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