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What To Look Out For When Buying A new Home 在多伦多炙手可热的市场上 确保购买到物有所值的房屋 8 个贴士技巧

8 house hunting tips for buying in Toronto’s red hot market

在多伦多炙手可热的市场上买房的 8 个小帖士

It’s no secret that buying a house in Toronto is an investment. In the midst of a global pandemic, the market has skyrocketed, with the average home in the city selling at a record-breaking $1 million. But not every home in the market actually lives up to its price tag. If you’re house hunting, these tips will help you make sure you get your money’s worth.

在多伦多买房是一项投资,这已经不是什么秘密了。 在全球大流行期间,市场飙升,该市的平均房屋售价达到创纪录的 100 万加币。 但并非市场上的每栋房屋都符合其价格标签。 如果您正在寻找房屋,这些提示将帮助您确保物有所值。

Think beyond the list price


The cost of a house doesn’t start and end with the list price. Things like renovations, remodelling, and repairs can quickly add to your expenses. Talk to your Toronto mortgage broker about whether it makes sense to make a sizeable down payment to secure great mortgage rates and conditions or pay down less upfront and pour the extra cash into upgrades.

房子的成本并不以标价开始和结束。 翻新、改造和维修等事情会迅速增加您的开支。 与您的贷款银行讨论是否有必要支付大量首付以确保获得良好的贷款利率和条件,或者减少预付款并将额外现金用于升级。

Start from the very top

A beautiful home with a bad roof is a disaster waiting to happen. Before you put in a bid on a home, find out when the roof was installed and if it was recently damaged or repaired. Also, be sure to request a roof certificate and an inspection by a roofing specialist trained to spot the less visible issues average inspectors might miss.


一个屋顶不好的漂亮房子是一场等待发生的灾难。 在您对房屋进行竞标之前,请了解屋顶的安装时间以及最近是否损坏或维修过。 此外,一定要申请屋顶证书,并由经过培训的屋顶专家进行检查,以发现普通检查员可能会遗漏的不太明显的问题。

Don’t pour money down the gutter

Eavestroughs might seem like a minor detail, but blocked or damaged troughs can cause major problems like flooded roofs, attics, walls and basements. It’s well worth the upfront investment to install gutter protection to avoid the headache and expense of repairing water damage down the road.


檐槽可能看起来像是一个小细节,但堵塞或损坏的槽可能会导致严重的问题,如屋顶、阁楼、墙壁和地下室被淹。 安装排水沟保护装置的前期投资非常值得,以避免在道路上修复水损坏的麻烦和费用。

Avoid waterlogged basements

Basements give you a fantastic opportunity to expand your living space when properly maintained. Basement waterproofing is one of the most important things you should have done for your new home to avoid the costs that come with flooding damage. When viewing a home, check basement floors and walls for the telltale signs of leaks–cracks, stains, mould or puddles–to avoid shelling out thousands on foundation repair or mould removal.


如果维护得当,地下室为您提供了扩大生活空间的绝佳机会。 地下室防水是您应该为新家做的最重要的事情之一,以避免因洪水造成的损失。 在查看房屋时,请检查地下室地板和墙壁是否有泄漏的迹象——裂缝、污渍、霉菌或水坑——以避免在地基修复或去除霉菌时花费数千加币。

Don’t skimp on the duct inspection

If you want your home to be cozy in the winter, cool in the summer and safe all year round, a well-maintained HVAC system is a must. Ensure any home on your shortlist has had the ducts properly inspected to avoid carbon monoxide leaks that put your family at risk or inefficient furnaces and A/C systems that will raise your hydro bills.


如果您希望您的家在冬天舒适、夏天凉爽、全年安全,那么维护良好的暖通空调系统是必须的。 确保您入围名单上的任何房屋都已正确检查管道,以避免一氧化碳泄漏使您的家人处于危险之中,或者炉子和空调系统效率低下会增加您的水电费。

Choose quality over style in the kitchen


Kitchens are one of the go-to spaces sellers renovate to add value to their homes but remember that your kitchen needs to be just as functional as it is beautiful. The costs associated with a kitchen renovation can add up quickly, and this is why it’s important that the initial state of the kitchen is not overlooked. Pay special attention to the quality of the appliances, whether there is adequate storage and cabinet space and a smart layout when you are viewing the house. Make sure to have the plumbing and electrical inspected as well to ensure that they are also in great condition.

厨房是卖家装修的首选空间之一,以增加其房屋的价值,但请记住,您的厨房需要既美观又实用。 与厨房翻新相关的成本会迅速增加,这就是为什么不要忽视厨房的初始状态很重要的原因。 看房时要特别注意电器的质量,是否有足够的储物和柜子空间以及是否有巧妙的布局。 确保对管道和电气也进行检查,以确保它们也处于良好状态。

Be wary of damp bathrooms


Just like kitchens, bathrooms often get a facelift before houses hit the market. But this is another space where quality should outweigh aesthetics every time. The bathroom renovation in your dream home should cover proper ventilation to avoid grout and mould developing on the walls and ceilings. You should also check for leaky pipes and fixtures that lead to water damage.

就像厨房一样,浴室通常会在房屋上市之前进行翻新。 但这是另一个质量每次都应该超过美学的空间。 您梦想中的浴室装修应进行适当的通风,以避免墙壁和天花板上出现水泥浆和霉菌。 您还应该检查是否存在导致水损坏的漏水管道和固定装置。

Take a hard look at hardwood flooring

If a house you’re considering has hardwood flooring, there are a few things you should check for before you buy. Watch out for dark stains or sunken planks that usually indicate moisture and mould issues. Giving special attention to flooring in basements, crawl spaces, closets and under carpets and rugs can ensure you catch any damage that is often hidden in those spaces. If in doubt, ask the homeowner or realtor when the flooring was installed or last repaired.

Keeping these details in mind as you navigate the housing market in search of the home will leave for the best home buying experience you can give yourself. Invest in a property that fits your needs and comes with safe conditions and no surprises.


如果您正在考虑的房屋铺有硬木地板,则在购买之前您应该检查一些事项。 注意通常表明潮湿和霉菌问题的深色污渍或下沉的木板。 特别注意地下室、爬行空间、壁橱以及地毯和地毯下的地板,可以确保您发现通常隐藏在这些空间中的任何损坏。 如有疑问,请询问房主或房地产经纪人何时安装或上次修理地板。

在您在房地产市场寻找房屋时牢记这些细节,将为您提供最佳的购房体验。 投资适合您需求且条件安全且没有意外的房产。

(Source: TorontoLife)

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